meet hannah

Hannah Lynn Mell has been helping people find their voices since 1998, when she began leading a children’s choir at her church. She fell in love with the process of helping young people express themselves through song. That love led her to a joyful career as a music teacher that spanned two decades and continues to this day.

When Hannah began coaching individuals, she realized that a person’s voice is a window into her truest self. Hannah found that she could tell a lot about someone simply by hearing him speak or sing, and she developed a passion for the dance of vocal discovery.

Through Total Resonance, Hannah weaves a variety of passions together. Her work with voices and in theatre powerfully informs her coaching. As a yoga teacher, she works with the chakras, particularly the 5th chakra, the energetic center of self-expression. She offers guided meditations, yogic breathing exercises, and she incorporates authentic movement into resonance practice.

In the summer of 2017, Hannah completed an educational program as a hospital chaplain. That work deepened her capacity for deeply listening and holding space for others’ stories.

Listening, giving voice, and contemplative practice are at the heart of Hannah’s journey. Working with resonance and self-expression affords a unique place to explore life’s deeper questions. Hannah is nourished by time spent with others who are curious and passionate about what it means to be fully human.

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