Hear what others have to say about finding resonance with Hannah.

Brookline, MA

Every time Hannah and I meet, I discover something new about myself. Using sound without words to reveal what is happening at an emotional level is powerful. What started as an effort to imporove my singing, has led to a deep personal exploration of the connection between the voice and the ‘soul’. Hannah is masterful at teaching me to hone in on my state of well-being. As a life coach, it is essential for me to listen to clients at a deep level and also hear what is not being said. Hannah models this beautifully and I have learned much that I am able to use in my own coaching practice. It seems like a bonus that my singing has also improved

Michele Petryk
Beverly, MA

Spending time with Hannah doing Resonance Coaching was a wonderful opportunity for me to experience my voice in ways that were deeply satisfying. It felt like a journey, exploring new territory that was rich in emotion and association. Resonance Coaching was more satisfying than most conversations, in fact!

Alan F
Ashland, MA

Over the years I’ve done voice work with three other teachers. My experience with Hannah has been different. Hannah very, very rapidly heard what was already developed in me, where my weak links were, and guided a rapid upgrade. During sessions, we include really helpful dialogues comparing what I experience internally and what she experiences externally. That dialogue element is incredibly helpful. I look forward to continued study with her.

Allen B
Framingham, MA

When you close your eyes and breathe out sound without song, you reach into a very deep part of your being. Thank you, Hannah, for showing me that.

Katrina O

Performing Arts Director at Waring School

Beverly, MA

My students and I gained a lot from Hannah’s workshop. A few days later as I prepared the chorus to sing a new song, I felt my breathing change and I experienced the “soft gaze” Hannah talked about. I plan to use some of the breathing and focusing exercises she shared with us.

Tiffany Baxter
Georgetown, MA

When I walk into the studio, I notice the smell of the essential oil. It’s a very calming environmet. The whole mood feels stretched out and relaxed. When I sing, I let everything go and I feel happy.

Aidan B
Beverly, MA

“I really liked her (presence). She was calm.”

“I could really relate to her.”

“The experience was very different and outside of my box. It was good.”

“I liked how everyone participated. Everyone seemed comfortable to do so.”

Students from Waring School