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savoring the silencessavoring the silences

Over the course of our time together, the group settled into the space of making music together. No one was striving in the way that singers often do. We breathed deeply; we listened to each other intently. I sensed that the sound we created together was an offering: perhaps not to a specific patient at this moment, but to something beyond ourselves. But there was even more to it than that. Something unusual was happening.

start singingstart singing

The real issue is that I’ve been feeling fearful. Fearful that what I have to offer doesn’t have real value. Fearful that I’ll just be adding to the noise, not contributing to the conversation. And even more than that, I’ve felt fearful that I’ll sing my heart out and no one will listen.

My work in this life is to help people unleash their voices. That’s what my business is all about.

resonate with a stranger (and a few notes on coffee shops of the North Shore)resonate with a stranger (and a few notes on coffee shops of the North Shore)

When we were sitting across from each other, I never would have guessed that Mike and I would resonate the way we did. Nonetheless, as soon as we spoke, I felt comfortable with him. I believe the information we need – if someone’s safe, if we might get along – is all there in those first moments of dialogue. We often can hear what we can’t see.